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1929 Leesburg Yellow Jackets Football Archives
"Bad Breaks" At Selected Times Make Tie Game, Leesburg vs. Ocala, November 23, 1932
Carver Heights Quarterback Club, Leesburg High School, Leesburg, Florida
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Leesburg Yellow Jackets vs. Ocala Wildcats, High School Football Game

“Bad Breaks” At Selected Times Make Tie Game

Scoreless Tie Results At Ocala As Timely Whistle Helps

YellowJackets Lose One Score

Referee and Umpire Both Agree On It But Echo Whistles It Off

By Justin Langille
The Leesburg Commercial
Saturday, November 23, 1929
Updated: Saturday, December 15, 2018, 7:46 a.m.

In a thrilling, but heart-rending struggle for the championship of the Northeastern conference yesterday
afternoon. Leesburg YellowJackets and the Ocala Wildcats played to a scoreless tie. With honors almost
even, Leesburg secured the score on their opponents by fighting the ball down the field, Adams taking it
over for an apparent score only to be called back by the head linesman because some player on his team
was called offside.

So closely contested that very minute of the game carried a thrill for the spectators. Ocala and Leesburg
battled each other without much apparent advantage for either side. Ocala’s line was as heavy or heavier
than the Jackets forward wall, equally aggressive and perhaps as strong. The backfields were well matched
both in weight and speed and both played top notch football all the way.

Jimmie Adams hit the line hard and often, breaking through only to be stopped by Ocala’s secondary
defense who seemed to have been specially coached to break up his efforts. Jimmie Roundtree brought
the crowd to their tiptoes several times as he almost tore loose on end runs and off tackle plunges. Hannah
almost got away on a quarterback sneak making a long gain only to be tripped by his own man who had
piled up a secondary defense opponent in an attempt to clear the way. R. Seaton played an outstanding
game on the defense, breaking up end runs by his terrific tackling and speedy diagnosis of plays.

Polk and Bivins were kept more than busy at the tackle positions for nearly every other play was through
their positions. Paulling tore into his opponent on every play, taking him out when necessary and blocking
him out when he tried to make a hole for his backfield. Cole at the other guard had the most difficult
afternoon for Sawaya who opposed his position is probably the strongest guard in the northeastern

Broome played hard and consistently, just out of a sick bed and with a broken finger he stuck to his post so
well that Ocala had no success at all at coming through the center of the line. Herlong and Lang at ends
played their best games of the season. They were both unusually shrewd on sizing up the play and were so
successful in breaking up the Wildcats’ end runs that little distance was gained in those directions.

Barcus was the only substitute used by Coach Banning who used him to replace Hannah at quarterback
toward the end of each half.

Horne and McDonald, half backs for Ocala proved to be fast and hard to tackle. Twice during the gave the
two of them started a series of line plunges that carried the ball far into the Yellowjacket’s territory. Sawaya
and Slaughter played outstanding on the Wildcats line and Scarborough at left tackle kept Bivins employed
to such an extent that that young man had little chance to play his usual outstanding game.

Neither team could claim any advantage in the first. Leesburg had the ball Ocala’s one-yard line before the
first three minutes of play had expired but lost ball on downs. The half ended with the ball in Ocala’s
possession on Leesburg’s four-yard line, each team having made 5 first downs during the half.

In the second half Leesburg had a slight advantage over Ocala for during the third quarter, the Yellowjackets
worked the ball down to their opponents 1-yard line again, this time Jimmie Adams taking it over the goal
line in a pretty line drive. Both referee and umpire called it a score, but the head linesman insisted that
Leesburg had been offside and the ball was brought back and the Yellowjackets were penalized 5 yards for
having been successful. Ocala started a drive to Leesburg goal in the last few minutes of play, but the
whistle blew before they had advanced may yards and the hardest fought game of the season ended in a
scoreless tie.

Leesburg made 12 first downs to Ocala’s 8 and tried 6 forward passes, three of where were successful
while the Wildcats tried to pass 5 times, achieving success twice. Leesburg advanced the ball by
scrimmage 230 yards and Ocala gained a total of 151 yards.

Leesburg won the toss, choosing to receive. Sawaya kicked a low bounding ball which Leesburg handled
rather loosely finally advancing it to her own 30-yard line. Adams made 8 yards off tackle and Roundtree
made first down round left end. Seaton tried left end and was thrown for a loss of 2 yards. Adams made a
beautiful pass and Roundtree snagged it down for a gain of 28 yards. Adams hit left guard for 2 yards, and
Seaton failed to gain on a fake criss cross. The referee called Ocala offside and penalized them 5 yards.
Roundtree made four yards and first down off left tackle. Roundtree took it again around left end, almost got
loose but was finally driven outside after having gained 15 yards. Seaton tried left tackle, fumbled and
recovered with gain. Adams made 9 yards through left tackle and 2 yards off left tackle. The ball was on
Ocala’s one-yard line and the fourth down. Adams tried left tackle again and failed, the ball going over.

Cole dropped back for a kick, tried an off tackle play carrying the ball outside but making no gain. On the next
play he got off a nice kick. Roundtree brought it back to Ocala’s 46-yard line.

Seaton tried left guard and made one yard, Adams started a pass changed his mind and made 8 yards
around right end. It was the third down with one yard to go and the head linesman called a Leesburg player
offside and the Yellowjackets were penalized 5 yards. Roundtree kicked to Cole the ball traveling 45 yards.

Cole kicked to Roundtree, the ball traveling 35 yards.

Adams tried a short pass over the line. Seaton grabbing it for a gain of 2 yards. Roundtree started another
tear around left end, gaining 14 yards. He tried the same thing again, got a way to a good start and fumbled
the ball. Scarborough recovering it for Ocala.

Horne made one yard round his left end and Voegle made 5 yards through right tackle as the whistle blew
for the quarter. The ball being in the Wildcats possession on their own 27 yard line.

Second Quarter
Cole tried left tackle without gaining. Ocala was offside and received a penalty of 5 yards. Cole kicked, the
ball going over the sideline on the 50-yard line.

Roundtree made 6 yards round left end and Hannah took the ball outside without gaining an inch. Adams
tried a pass to Roundtree but it was incomplete. Roundtree punted but it was short and high.

Horne broke loose going through right tackle for 22 yards. McDonald made 2 yards through left guard and
Voegle tried right guard only to have Herlong come in from end and tackle him behind the line of
scrimmage. Horne made one yard round right end and Cole kicked over Leesburg’s goal line. The ball was
brought out to the 20-yard line.

Adams hit left tackle for 4 yards and Roundtree made one yard off right tackle. Seaton went around right end
for 4 yards and Roundtree got off a long kick pass to Ocala’s safety man, the ball rolling to Ocala’s 22-yard
line Horne picked it up and ran it back 11 yards. Horne made 2 yards round left end and Cole smashed right
tackle for 4 yards. McDonald hit the same hole for another 4 yards and a first down. Cole played a criss
cross going round left end for 7 yards Voegle made 3 yards and first down off left tackle. Horne hit right
tackle for 7 yards McDonald made 2 yards through left guard and Cole made first down on a quarterback
sneak Horne tried right end but only advance one yard. Potter tried left end but Bivins drove in and held him
for no gain. Cole passed to Bullock for a gain of 14 yards. Potter tried left guard and was thrown back for a
one-yard loss. The headlines man entered the scene and Leesburg was penalized 5 yards for offside. The
ball was now on Leesburg’s nine-yard line. McDonald failed to gain through right guard. Horne made 2
yards off left tackle and Potter made 2 yards through left tackle. The whistle blew for the end of the half with
the ball in Ocala’s possession on Leesburg’s 5-yard line.

Third quarter:
Leesburg kicked off to Terrell who was downed in his tracks on his own 40-yard line. Voegle tried right end,
gaining only 3 yards Cole tried left end without gaining a foot. Cole tried a pass which was intercepted by
Roundtree on the 50-yard line.

Adams made 5 yards off right tackle and Seaton failed to gain through left tackle. A pass Adams to Herlong
was incomplete and Roundtree kicked to Ocala’s 6-yard line.

Long threw McDonald for a two-yard loss when he tried to come around his end. Cole kicked to Roundtree
who ran it back 12 yards to Ocala’s 40 yard line. Adams failed to gain through left guard and Adams passed
to Roundtree for a gain of 24 yards. Adams bounced off right tackle for 12 yards more and then hit right
guard for another 3 yards. The next play Adams carried the ball over Ocala’s goal line and enter the villain.
The headlines man call a Leesburg player offside and the play was called back, both the referee and
umpire having announced a score. The ball was now on Ocala’s 6-yard line. Adams tried a pass, but it was
incomplete, and the ball went over.

Cole kicked to his own 47-yard line where Roundtree was downed in his tracks.
Adams made 6 yards off left tackle. Roundtree made 2 yards off right tackle and Ocala was penalized 5
yards for being offside. Roundtree made 2 yards through right tackle and first down. Roundtree made
another two-yards off right tackle and then failed to gain on a criss cross round left end. Roundtree kick was
blocked, and Scarborough fell on the ball.

McDonald lost 2 yards when Seaton drove in on left end and threw him Horne made 2 yards off right tackle
and Voegle made another 2 yards through right guard. Cole punted over Leesburg’s goal line again and the
whistle blew for the end of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter:
The ball was brought out to the 20-yard line and Adams took it through left tackle for 4 yards. Roundtree hit
off right tackle for 15 yards. Hannah made a quarterback sneak through left guard almost getting loose and
making a gain of 12 yards. On the next play Adams fumbled and Ocala recovered.

Horne tried to go round left end and Seaton came in like a shot and tackled him right now for a 2 yard loss.
Leesburg was penalized 5 yards for extra time out. Herlong getting hurt. Horne made 2 yards off left tackle
and McDonald made 5 yards and first down through right tackle. Cole was thrown for a one yard loss round
right end. Horn made 5 yards through right tackle and hit the same place for another two yards. Coles pass
to Terrill was incomplete and the ball went over.

Adams hit off left for 5 yards and Hannah tried a sneak through right guard gaining 2 yards. Adams made 4
yards through right guard and first down. Roundtree went off left tackle for 2 yards and Hannah was thrown
for a 2 yard loss on an attempted sneak to the left.

Adams pass to Seaton just failed to connect by inches on the third down and Roundtree kicked to Horne
who caught the ball and made a pretty return of 18 yards.

A pass Cole to Bullock was good for 14 yards and Cole tried another pass only to have it intercepted by

Roundtree made 11 yards off left tackle, Barcus tried a sneak and gained one yard. Seaton recovered a
fumble on the next play and a pass by Adams just went over Roundtree’s head. Roundtree got off a back
kick, the ball going high and short. Ocala recovered it on her own 27-yard line.

Ocala started her last attempt to get down the field. McDonald made 6 yards off left tackle and Horne made
7 yards and first down through the same place. McDonald made 5 yards off right tackle and Bullock made 6
yards and a first down at the same position. McDonald tried right tackle again and made 2 yards and on the
last play of the game he tried right end gaining an inch. As they started to line up for the next play the whistle
blew for the end of the game with the ball in Ocala’s possession on Leesburg’s 49-yard line.
Terrell, (c)
This article was provided by Gerald Lacey
Gerald Lacey is the senior sports writer covering Leesburg High School Sports for the Carver Heights
Quarterback Club. You can reach him at:
Leesburg Yellow Jackets vs. Ocala Wildcats Football Archives
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Substitutions: Barcus for Hannah, Voegle for Bullock, Potter for Voegle and Armour for Bullock.
Officials: Referee, Buie (Florida); umpire Pierson (California); head linesman. Parks (Georgetown); field
judge. Ball (Kirksville).